President Aragon’s Testimony and Blessing on the Stake

In humility and great love for our stake, I express my faith in a loving and kind Heavenly Father and His Son who gave His life for us. This past weekend President Nelson stated that each of us need to “hear Him’—the Savior of the world better. When the Father and the Son appeared to Joseph Smith, the Father’s words to Joseph were “This is by beloved Son, hear Him”. As the world slows down and we experience a simpler lifestyle, we have a wonderful opportunity to hear the Lord’s voice better, and to realign ourselves with what is the most important.

The challenge is to grow our testimony and change into humble followers of God who hear His will and follow His direction. His promise is that He will watch over us, teach us, and give us true happiness.

In that same spirit of revelation, I pronounce a blessing upon the families of this stake, a blessing of strength, physically and spiritually. I promise you that you will be better at the end of this journey. I promise you that you will come to know the Son of God as your Savior and Redeemer in a way you have not felt before. These moments will be a measuring stick for years to come.

I add my own testimony that the gospel has been restored by a young man who heard the Lord’s voice in 1820. I testify of a loving Heavenly Father who knows you and watches over you. I testify that Jesus is the Savior of this world; I testify that he bled at every pore and suffered beyond what any of us could imagine. I bear witness of living revelation from a prophet of God. I feel such gratitude for each of you and your willingness to listen and learn, and to be what the Lord put you on this earth to feel and experience.

May the Lord bless you and lift you up. May you be protected and prepared to hear His voice better and to better share His light and love to others. I ask in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.